Welcome to Lifeguard Realty, Inc. 

We are licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Brokers and Realtors with several years of experience. We provide services to:

  • Banks
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Secondary Market Investors
  • Portfolio Investors
  • Individual Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate. 

At Lifeguard Realty, we handle all types of real estate transactions, and we specialize in two major types of services:

R.E.O. Services

These include the listing and sale of bank-owned properties and the preparation of high-volume Broker Price Opinions for banks, mortgage companies and secondary market/portfolio investors. See list of REO services we provide.

The Handling of Short Sales for Individual Buyers/Sellers

A homeowner is 'short' when the amount owed on his/her property is higher than its current market value.  If the homeowner meets certain qualifications, the mortgage company may agree to sell the property and accept less than the full balance of the loan at closing. The buyer closes on the property, and the property is then “sold short” of the total value of the mortgage. Lifeguard Realty acts as a listing agent to expedite these types of sales for buyers and sellers.

For most of us, nothing has greater monetary value in our lives or careers than real property, whether it be a family home or commercial venture. At Lifeguard Realty, we help to safeguard your future and the future value of that property by ensuring accurate evaluations, effective marketing and fast sales.  We use the latest technology, and emphasize speed, quality and value in the delivery of our services.

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